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6-way folding hex-sockets kit

A metric hex socket set will be of great value to you. It seems like most things on modern sport bikes are attached with hex-head bolts. This allows for much more efficiency, control and fewer chances of scratching things using the traditional allen wrench. And for only $28 you can't go wrong. I find these little guys get used more than any other tool in my toolbox. You can attach them to screwdrivers or even T-handles for quicker use. If own a Triumph, you'll also need a Torx set.

Hex socket set allow you to very accurately set exactly how tight you should snug a bolt. Your shop manual will have these specs for you. It will specify that your spark plugs should be torqued to 8 ft.lbs (example) while your caliper bolts should be torqued to 23 ft. lbs.. It ensures that bolts are as tight as they need to be without risking stripping threads. However, not all torque wrenches are created equal. Be willing to spend a little extra to get a good one. I bought my current one at Sears for $69, and it is one of the best values as far as torque wrenches. Also, remember to park your torque wrench at 10 ft. lbs before putting it away. This ensures that it will remain accurate for years to come.